Thursday, March 10, 2011

Words of Wisdom - Bonnie Hunter

How Many Quilts?

May  9, 2004:

After having been asked how many quilts I've made, who I'm making this one
for, or that one for or why, and how many quilts do I think I need....

I came to the following conclusion:

I am a creator, an artist, just as much as a painter is...

Does anyone ask a painter who he is painting for or why he is painting yet
another landscape? how many pictures/portraits he has painted? How many
canvases or paintings he needs?


Does a painter stop wanting to paint because he has reached some number that
symbolizes the end of his need to paint?
"okay, that's #100, I'm done now..."

I create because I am driven to create. My medium just happens to be fabric
and thread, instead of oil or acrylics on canvas..but I create for the same express myself, to share myself, to experiment...
  Even if the quilt doesn't have a purpose, a recipient, a reason.
Quilting is my voice.

I Quilt, Therefore I Am!  *Ü*

Borrowed from Bonnie's Amazing site,

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Single Irish Chain - Back

Single Irish Chain - Back, originally uploaded by sailbit.
Here is a sneak peek of my Sashiko-inspired quilting along my Single Irish Chain. The top is cream with scrappy oriental fabrics forming the chain, so I thought a dark navy backing would make it all look pretty neat.

The quilt inspector approves.

So far I'm enjoying the chain motif - I'm not sure whether to call it an orange peel, a cathedral window, or 'round shaped seven treasures'. Who knows! I seem to have found a way that is comfortable to move along the chains for FMQ and that's a big deal; less stress on the arms and shoulders means more quilting!

But you know with all that lovely creamy muslin space --- I'm just going to have to do feathers.