Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spirit of the Northwoods - Progress!

Nine of Twelve blocks - fused, bordered, and stitched

As I mentioned awhile ago I have been working on a big applique project - Spirit of the Northwoods from the book of the same title by Debbie Fields. When I see a quilt I like I usually do some research on the internet and see what other quilters have done with the same pattern. I was not able to find a single example of all 12 blocks set in a quilt -- just a few blocks done as a wall hanging. I'm flying blind!

Almost all of the appliques have been cut from scraps. I trace the shapes I need onto light fusible paper and make clusters of the ones I want to be of the same fabric. That way I have an approximate idea of what size scrap I need to find and also I don't lose some of the teeny tiny pieces.

Then I take a deep breath and do a swan dive into my scrap bin -- which is a canvas tote that my 3 year old daughter can comfortably sit in! Then when I have what I want I use my big sharp scissors to do the cutting. Most of the pieces are tricky and pointy and fiddly to cut but I find that the extra blade length on the scissors allows for smoother cutting, as long as you pay attention to your twists and turns.

More on stitching later!

You know me, I'll probably have bounced to a different project by the time I get back to do another post.

Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hop To It! - Warning: Addictive project

Cut & fused all 12 blocks in less than a week. I'm in love <3

And now the agonizing wait for more thread to arrive for me to stitch them all in place, sash them, and finish the top!

I may have to make another set of blocks in a different colour scheme ... ;)

P.S. I think I need to re-do block #1 -- it wasn't centered at all :(

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hop To It!

Fleur Delight - Hop To It #2, originally uploaded by sailbit.
I've hop hop hopped into another project with the help of my QATW buddies - This time an applique project from the talented Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket quilts. She is a fabric designer for Moda and has made several gorgeous batik lines. Check out her book, "Hop To It!" or check out our thread on for more on this project.

 I'm following in Edyta's footsteps and using as many batiks as I can. NEVER underestimate the value of having a big stack of green fabrics when you are doing applique!
Rose of Sharon Wreath - Block #3


  Edyta's preferred method of applique is to use fusible webbing, and finish the edges with invisible thread in a teeny tiny zigzag. I decided to try it as well and boy am I happy with it! It is super speedy once you get the thread settings right.